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The software is EGO's foundation and provides a  feature rich interface that allows the most intricate operations to be  executed with ease and speed. It offers a true multi-user system for venues that require multiple operators in a complex production environment.

Prego is the standalone version of the EGO Software. It's an excellent stepping stone to the E.GO and offers a compelling upgrade path to many users with existing systems. 

Prego runs on a PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, with or without a console. It can utilize a variety of 3rd party consoles as a user interface. An example is the AVAB VLC/Safari consoles. This allows older consoles to become a front-end to a new and powerful system. It  also supports a large number of other input peripherals like the X-Keys  keyboards and commonly available LCD touch-screens.

Prego comes in different license levels:

Prego Offline Editor - A fully functional offline editor with 64 DMX-outputs, it can be used as an editor for any play made with any Prego version.

  • Prego UNO Light - Single station with up to 1024 DMX-outputs and limitations.
  • Prego UNO Limited - Single station with 2048 DMX-outputs.
  • Prego UNO Unlimited - Single station with no output limitation.
  • Prego DUO Unlimited - Dual station with no output limitation.
  • Prego MULTI Unlimited - Multi station with no output limitation.

Software features

Flexible user interface ranging from console independent  standalone software and full functionality to multiple consoles in a  true multiuser environment. Main Screen125x78

True multi-user capability, admitting unlimited number of users working on the same playfile, requiring no setup. Fully synchronized at all times.

Full tracking backup included in DUO and MULTI license.

Unlimited output in all licenses except UNO Limited.

True ACN. By participation in the ESTA ACN committee this software is the first controller with the full ACN implementation.

Multiple DMX over Ethernet protocol output and input,  supporting a wide range of protocols such as Streaming ACN, ETC Net2 and Net3, AVAB UDP, SA-Net, ShowNet, Pathport and SandNet  DMX-Pool.

Compatible to third party consoles, such as AVAB consoles, and Behringer or any other custom MIDI
face panel.

RPN command or Command Line syntax by preference.

Full mouse support, with extensive and intuitive use of drag'n drop and local menus .

Attribute recordings as independent Device linksBILD1_125x76objects in the sequence.

Attributes are executed as "Move while dark" as default by preference. The chosen behaviour can be overridden at any level  while recording or editing.

Subfader content and movement can be recorded in the sequence.

Time line representation and editing of timed transitions.

Free Sequence using Presets as reference, or Cue Sequence.Instruments_Unterseite zu Products_Prego125x89

Channels as Instruments, combining one or several types of devices such as
dimmers, scrollers, yokes and moving lights into one single Instrument.

Tracking or non- tracking for intensity in a Cue Sequence, defined by user.
Track_Unterseite zu Products_Prego120x100
Spread sheet style Track Editor for Instrument parameters.

Tracing of all referenced objects such as Presets, Palettes, Groups and
recorded Fader movements.

Powerful Event module, utilizing a wide range of protocols like MIDI Command,
MIDI Timecode, DMX, RS232/422/485, Digital and Analog I/O, as well as trigger on date and time of day.

Individual dynamic zoom of all editors and browsers.

Graphical device and dimmer patch with user definable curves.

Extensive Factory Template Library as well as user  definable templates with curves and 16 bit resolution for any  parameter.

Play browser allowing offline browsing and editing of shows not currently loaded.
Rubberband functionality for parameter control through subfaders.

Dynamics with templates for Moving light effects.

Gel strings with individual frame calibration.

Extensive Gel library for onscreen display of color frame for Color changers.

Onscreen graphical image display and picklists showing actual or selectable colors or gobos for color or gobo wheels.

Color and Gel picker for Color mix devices.Gel library_Unterseite zu Products_Prego120x109colormix_Unterseite zu Products_Prego120x62

User defined Channel Layouts as well as predefined
like "Used in play" and "Used in Sequence.

User definable onscreen button panels.Direct Access120x70

Free Android and iPhone software for remote control.




65 535 Playbacks and Sequences
Unlimited Individual timed transitions at any time
65 535 Dimmer Curves
65 535 Presets
65 535 Groups
65 535 Looks
65 535 Pages for content assignment of masters
7 Palette groups with 65 536 Palettes each
192 virtual masters, bankwise assignable to physical faders

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