Console Specification

MAKI is available 3 models:

MAKI-PC1, PREGO preloaded 1 Universe (512 DMX),  with PC inside

MAKI-PC2, PREGO preloaded 2 Universe (1024 DMX), with PC inside

MAKI-USB, PREGO at customer’s choice, no PC inside, as USB-wing

The software for MAKI-USB is available only on demand. A licence for an external PC has to be bought separately. A free version of PREGO with 64 DMX outputs, that can be run on an external PC, is available on demand.

10’’ Lilliput USBtouch screen
2 x12 (24)Submaster faders
2 x12 (24) Submaster buttons
1 Crossfader pair
1 Grandmaster
4 Moving light control wheels (RGB)
4 Moving light control wheel buttons
1 Intensity/rate control wheel
1 Numeric keypad with 12 buttons
57 Dedicated function buttons
1 USB3 port on top

1 XLR 5pin DMX-in
2 XLR 5pin DMX-out
1 USB2 port
1 XLR 3pin dimmable worklight
1 Ethernet
2 USB2 ports
1 Audio out 83.5mm)
1 Power in (12V)

MAKI is made out of a quality steel plate. There is an aluminium rail at the back edge for fixing accessories e.g. Lilliput monitor and protecting the connectors. Solid beechwood ends complete the MAKI‘s robust design.




MAKI puts the power of PREGO into a compact, professional console.

Internal PC
Intel 2GHz quad core processor
30 GB mSATA (minimum)

Further models and options are available on request.

Length: 426mm
Width: 612mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 9.5kg

MAKI has many advanced lighting control interfaces. These include: an illuminated intensity or rate wheel, four illuminated attribute wheels, and a detachable 10” touch screen. Further controls are: a dedicated crossfader with GO button, a numeric keypad, dedicated function keys, and 24 or 48 submasters.
DMX output is available via DMX or Ethernet port. All industry standard DMX network protocols are supported. The
PREGO licence selected determines the number of available DMX universes.
PREGO lighting software has a proven track record in professional lighting. We have focused the full power of PREGO for practical use in theatres and studios. MAKI’s robust and portable design is prefect for dynamic and creative working environments. PREGO provides all the functions needed for today’s multi-fixture entertainment world.The clear and logical structure of the PREGO software is unsurpassed. It is an easily mastered, yet powerful tool for modern stage lighting.